Harvest Women

A collective of studies, groups, events, and mentorship
designed to help women of all ages grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Single Ladies Group

The Single Lady Ministry walks alongside single ladies and offers aid and support spiritually, emotionally and financially through Small Groups, Bible Studies, Mentorship and Benevolence.

As Single Women life can become difficult to walk alone. Often there aren’t enough hours in the day for the single mom or the house is simply too quiet for the widowed wife. Across the board we want you to know that you are loved and have support. Our care team is here to walk with you, through life’s toughest days.

Harvest Women’s Events

Ladies across Muskoka gather together several times a year for our events. These events are meant to be opportunities to connect, make friendships and receive Christ-like encouragement! Don’t miss out on these connecting opportunities!

Harvest Women’s Night
May 3 @ 7:00pm
Utterson Hall

Pathways Women’s Mentorship

Pathways Women’s Mentorship is a new ministry at Harvest Muskoka that is passionate about a woman’s place in the Kingdom and about women helping other women as they pass through the various seasons in their lives.  

It’s the mission the Pathways Mentorship team to see women renew their minds by understanding the grace of God and who they are in Christ, be emotionally and spiritually healthy, and to be able to bless others because God has blessed them.