John Pelleboer

Parry Sound Campus Deacon

John gave his life to The Lord when he was 13 years old and moved to Parry Sound from Sarnia with his wife, Elaine, in the summer of 2011.  John and Elaine have added 3 Daughters to their family since that time, Reagan, Sawyer and Finley. John and Elaine became involved with Harvest and the Parry Sound group early in 2012. Both John and Elaine have served in several different areas in both Muskoka and Parry Sound Campuses. In 2015 John was named as Deacon in Parry Sound.

John’s Hope for Harvest
John has a heart to see those who enter the doors on Sunday to experience God in a real and authentic way each day of their life. John serves in leading some serving groups and assisting Cam and Godfrey with practical needs to allow them to focus more on their ministry calling. John has a desire to see those serving doing so as an act worship, glorifying God.