Elder Updates


September 2021


At a recent Elders Meeting, and consistent with Peter's announcement on Sunday, we have discussed how we should move forward in regards to a meeting location in Bracebridge. We believe that the option that makes most sense is to build on our land in Bracebridge.

By way of background, we have looked at a number of approaches:

  • finding a building to lease and renovating it

  • buying a building and renovating it

  • building on our own land in Bracebridge

Despite our efforts to find an existing building that might work for us, nothing really made sense. In considering our own land, we have considered a sprung steel structure or a conventional building. Given that the sprung steel structure is less expensive and easier to expand, we think that pursuing that type of building makes more sense.

Much work is needed to confirm this approach, to create a project team, to determine a scope, budget and timing, but this is the track that we believe is most appropriate for us. Depending on this work, if we find that we do not need all of the land that we own, then working with a partner like the District may allow others beyond our church to benefit from this land and how it might be used.

A unique Bracebridge Building Fund has been opened for the purposes of this project.

Much discussion is needed to address all of this more fully and to determine specific next steps, so stay tuned.

Additionally, we are continuing to look for worship facilities in Bracebridge that will allow us to meet until we have our own space. We are encouraged with a few new options that are very promising. We will keep you updated!

- Harvest Church Elders