discipleship ministry

Purposeful Disciple-Making

Intentional & In Community

Ephesians 4:11-16

A Christ Follower Grows In...

As Christ Followers abide in Christ, they are drawn by God to worship like Christ, do community like Christ and join in Jesus' worldwide mission.

At Harvest we disciple people to grow in their:

  • Worship Life

    Personal God Time & Gathering/Worship Times

  • Community Life

    Small Group Time

  • Mission Life

    Give/Serve Time & Go/Outreach Time

Our Discipleship Model

At Harvest we desire for every Christ Follower to get into a Small Group where they can be encouraged to grow in their walk.

Additionally, in order to ensure that people in our church are growing in their Worship, Community and Mission we offer:

  • Christ Follower Classes

    For individuals needing to understand the Gospel more clearly

  • Foundations Classes

    To encourage believers to be grounded in the basics of Worship, Community & Mission

  • Equipping Ministries

    To provide ways for Christ Followers to dig deeper in their faith

Layers in Discipleship Ministry

Step 1 for those who desire to engage in the Church is ESSENTIALS

Everyone Is Growing

We desire to see people develop maturity in their walk with Christ within our church!